Programming the Byonics PicCon Fox Hunt Controller

The Byonics PicCon is the most popular Fox (Transmitter) Hunt Controller used in our area. Once it is programmed as you wish, it will key a radio, send repetitive tones via a microphone connection, send your call sign in Morse Code, and stop transmitting for a quiet radio cool down period. It will keep repeating this cycle till you shut it off physically or remotely by using the DTMF tone keypad of a separate radio.

There are
six basic, and two optional items to program for a simple fox hunt, they are:
Musical Tones Time2 Total Cycle Time,  3 Morse Code ID Speed,  4 Morse Audio Frequency,  5 Your Call Sign,  6 Musical Rhythm Speed,  7 (optional) Secret Lock Code,  8 (optional) Battery Connection Auto Start.

This unit is programmed by sending tones from a DTMF keypad. 
To simply this process - AA4UK wrote an abbreviated instruction sheet on setting up the PicCon for a simple fox hunt. 

Click HERE for this PDF file.