Local  Links

APRS  http://aprs.fi/  Shows GPS moving, stationary & repeaters. Find  Memphis, TN

www.W5KUB.com  Tom does the Dayton & Huntsville Hamfest Webcast

www.KA4BNI.com  Alan maintains 8 linked 440 east TN repeaters.  The Williston 442.425 (131.8) (Fayette Co.) and Ripley, TN 443.6 (131.8) are hittable with a little effort.

KK4IOH https://sites.google.com/site/kk4ioh/home Michael reports Memphis area events, has a repeater & nets list, video links, and other various ham topics.

www.starcommgroup.org  Page by local satellite enthusiasts, such as Damon HFN, Rick NVM and others.  They have designed awards, and created requirements for attaining these awards - which intern helps promote satellite communications of amateur radio.  Visit this site to learn about getting into satellite communications.

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