Ham Information Links

Winter Field Day Information http://www.spar-hams.org/

Slow Scan TV  www.kc1cs.com  & search/youtube  "easypal"

Solar band conditions http://www.hamqsl.com/solar.html

Renewing your license is free and easy - don't pay anyone - you need to be familiar with this process anyway:
Renew your Amateur Radio License at  http://wireless.fcc.gov/uls  Read "New Users -Learn More".  As it states if you haven't done it or it's your first renewal, you will need to register thru CORES and get a password, after this is accomplished you will need to log-in to the ULS and enter your FRN (10 digit # on your ham license) and your password.  If your license isn't visible - then you need to associate your amateur license with your FRN # so your license will show up, and then you can begin the renewal process.  Click your licensee name-addr box then continue, check appropriate boxes, verify all name & addr information, recheck info & continue, type your name as on your license (title probably not necessary) and submit.  Print your confirmation page with your File Number or save as .mht type webpage.