Secret Service

The Secret Service is not a club, but an endeavor by
Tri-State and other local Hams to utilize and promote
the use of the 220 band.  The fizzled out Secret Service Net
was on Monday nights at 8:30 on 224.78, but this still is a
good active repeater and the best spot to give your 220 rig
a little excercise.  The folks who hang out here enjoy satellite
communications, and would probably enjoy sharing a little slow
scan tv (picture xfer) - this takes just a little time without any
expensive hardware.The Secret Service inspired well over a
hundred hams to buy 220 radios - so monitor 224.78, meet
some Secret Service Hams, and keep the band active.

I'm double naught 76 (0076), ask on the air, and
maybe you can still get a Secret Service Number.