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Two new links to movies:
The Great Transatlantic Cable - very interesting, all the problems and failures before
success was acheived. If you are interested in Morse Code, this is one to see.
 & TRANSISTORIZED - how the transistor came to be and so replaced the vacuum tube.


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Now Fusion Capable 2 meter 145.27
N5NBG in Horn Lake MS, lists don't show this yet.

New DELTA Club
2 meter Germantown Repeater
146.625  W4BS

New Tri-State 440 D-Star Repeater
442.0375  WB4KOG

New MARA W4EM 6 meter Repeater 53.45mhz -107.2
and great range 145.21 now on
Le Bonheur

Field Day June 25, 2016 Pictures  I made pictures late in the day, food was over, slowing down for the night

- but watch this, David COO made a great Field Day video:

If you didn't make our local FreeFest Hamfest 2016, then

Click below to see what you missed
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Three Clubs are now taking " dues / donations "  via  PayPal  :

Chickasaw A.R.A.
Olive Branch A.R.C.
HamWAN Memphis Metro  > memberships

    Tri-State 146.88
                                                   &   MARA   444.175


Tri-State- D-Star on 144.94  & 442.0375  Join
the Tri-State Roundtable Net on Mondays at 8:00pm

Slow Scan TV (SSTV) Good place to try/learn: at night inquire on 224.78, Transmit / receive pictures with minimal equip.

CERT links are on the          
Ham Calendar's / club / associations page         Consider being a CERT volunteer/member

Tri-State Repeater Association now active with
All Star Link System
on 145.45 & 444.775  pl 107.2 

Just requires a touch-tone keypad. 
Do an internet search to learn about the Amateur All Star Link System. 
Info, commands & instr:


                Amateur Radio Roundtable   WebCast

A new series of live weekly webcasts airs every 
Tuesday night at 8:00 PM Central Time (0200 UTC Wednesdays) at W5KUB.COM


Amateur Radio Roundtable is an informal discussion of all aspects of ham radio with the intent of allowing viewers to watch this live webcast or be a guest via Skype or Google Hangout.  A question and answer session with viewers will follow each topic.


The show  covers all aspects of ham radio; such as, balloon launches, Satellite, go-kits,emergency comm, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, morse code, electronic projects, and much more.


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